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Today Soccer Parlay 5/5/2024

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3 Simple Soccer Betting Tips for Beginners

simple soccer betting tips

So you just started betting on soccer and you are wondering how others make money with this sport. The truth is it in’t easy.  If you want to be a professional bettor, I highly recommend to read at least one of the books I had listed in Best Sport Betting Books . However, if you are just looking for some quick tips to increase your chance of winning,  these are the three simple soccer betting tips that I often use. They will come in handy when you are in doubt.

1. Simple Soccer Betting Tip #1 – The Law of Averaging (Betting to Win in A Long Run)

Simple Soccer Betting Tips - Averaging

Betting is a game of average. You can be a really good predictor with an excellent analytical skill, but if you approach betting as a gambler, chances are you will loose all of your stake before you even know it. Professional gamblers treat betting as an investment. They only bet on matches with fair odds to ensure that in a LONG RUN, they will become profitable.

I read multiple explanations about fair odds, but they are just fuzzy to me. I prefer seeing fair odds as a 1:1 risk and reward. I trade stocks as a hobby and so risk and reward make more sense to me. Since the topic to this post is to discuss three SIMPLE tips to revolutionize your soccer predictions, I rather keep things simple.

So, Simple Tip #1: Only bet on matches with a 1:1 risk to reward ratio. What that means is that if you spend $10 on a single bet, you should be able to make $10 if you win (not $9, $10). This way, even if you are an average bettor like myself with a winning rate of 60%, you can still make a profit in a long run.

2. Simple Soccer Betting Tip #2 – When in Doubt, Bet on Home Favorite

This is one of the simplest soccer betting tips. Imagine you are looking at an upcoming match between Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur. Manchester United is the home team. You comb through countless of statistics and still you can’t decide which team to put your hard-earned money for. This is the perfect scenario to use the second tip – when in doubt, bet on home favorite. According to  Prof. Leighton Vaughan Williams, author of Betting to Win, betting on home favorite yields an average of 60% winning rate over time. What that means is that you can will roughly 6 out of 10 matches betting on home favorite.

I personally have tried this tip in my betting and can confirm that it actually works.

3. Tip #3 – Look for Odds Shortening Matches.

What is odds shortening? According to Gruss Software, “Odds shortening refers to the chance of something happening becoming more likely. In betting terms, this means the reduction of odds, e.g: from 10/1 down to 5/1 or a similar reduction.”

For example: There is a match between Manchester United vs. Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C on Saturday.

  • On Friday: you check out the odds from your bookmaker and notice that Manchester United has a 10/1 betting odd if you pick Manchester United (-0.5) to WIN.
  • On Saturday: you go back to your bookmaker site and notice that the previous odd has changed. The same 10/1 odd is now for Man United (-1.0) to WIN. Or sometimes, you will see a reduction from 10/1 to 8/1, etc…

This usually signals that the chance of Manchester United to win has increased. In this case, it is generally safe to pick Manchester United (-1.0) to WIN.

This technique requires you to constantly monitor the market to find odds shortening matches. An easier way to go about this is to use our odds shortening table.