Available Statistics by Popular Leagues

Soccer Bet Buddy gathers the most accurate soccer statistics from world famous sport sites. We then compiles the following tables for you to use in your own analysis. 

For a full article of using statistics when betting on soccer matches, you can read here

1/2 Bet

This type of bet is the most familiar with beginners. You basically pick the result of the game. 1 stands for home team and 2 stands for away team. There are three possible outcomes – home wins, away wins or a draw. For this type of bet, we recommend looking at current team form. You can look at past performance to predict how a team will perform in the up coming match. It is also important to pay attention to starting XI and whether key players are suspended or injured.

Over / Under Bet

When betting on over / under, Soccer Bet Buddy recommend looking at two important factors:

  1. Team Strategy (Offensive or Defensive)
  2. Team Aggressiveness

Within the over/under betting tips is the one where you have to consider how aggressive or defensive the teams are playing the match. For example, if both of the teams are known for their aggressive goal-scoring strategies then it is likely that the score will be high. If they are known for being defensive, then it is likely that the score will be low. Sportsbooks consider these factors, as well as the players within the team, are the forward strong (like Messi) or not so much? The best solution is to always pay attention to the teams, their players and strategies to be in the loop so you can make your winning soccer over/under wagers.

At Soccer Bet Buddy, we usually wait until formations of both teams are confirmed before making bet on over / under.

Corners Bet

This table is a great source to use when betting on corner. There are two factors that influence the total number of corners in a match.

  1. Total shots
  2. Total crosses

Usually, team with the most shots and crosses will result in more corners. In contrast, team with the least shots and crosses will result in less corners. When betting over corner, Soccer Bet Buddy suggests to find teams with the most shots and crosses. Otherwise, you can pick under corner when two teams have less shots and crosses.

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