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We offer premium soccer picks with a flat fees. Our picks have the highest winning probability on the market. Everyday, we scout a large database of matches from top bookmakers in the world such as Bovada, William Hill and Bet365 for the highest winning probability matches. We then combine these matches in various packages to create premium parlay picks for you. 

Currently, we offer 3 tiers of premium parlay picks: copper, silver and gold. These picks have great values built into them and so you can win more than picking individual matches.

Register is FREE. You DO NOT subscribe to any paid membership program. Our premium soccer picks are available via pay-per-use only.

Today Premium Soccer Picks

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100% Money-Back Guarantee

We back all of our predictions with 100% money-back guarantee. If you do not win, we will refund you the fees that you pay for the tip. We DO NOT refund you the wager amount that you bet on your bookmaker sites.

Still not convinced?

You can always try our free daily predictions to test the water. Our current winning rate is at 65-70% which is better than most other prediction sites.

Premium Soccer Picks

Win 2X, 3X and XX with Premium Parlay Picks

Soccer Pick and Parlay 2x
$10 for $20
Soccer Pick and Parlay 3x
$10 for $30
Soccer Pick and Parlay xx
$10 for $40 Up

Recent Reviews

 by Thomas on Soccer Bet Buddy
Yes yes

Thank you for posting tips again. I have been bored out of my mind staying at home. I am so excited for this week Bundesliga matches after such a long break!

 by Mohamed on Soccer Bet Buddy
Acceptable winning rate

I have used many sites. This site beats some of the oldest prediction sites out there. I like how they keep the record up for everyone to see.

 by Toan on Soccer Bet Buddy
Rat thich

Tuy ti le an khong cao lam nhug minh thich cach lam viec khong lua dao cua web. Moi ket qua deu trung thuc va duoc giu lai tren web cho moi nguoi cung so sanh. Very good!

 by Anonymous on Soccer Bet Buddy

Please don't post MLS tips anymore. They are so unpredictable.

 by Tyler on Soccer Bet Buddy

I have been following the site for a few months. There are more wins than losses but August is by far the best month so far. The winning rate has jumped from 57-60% to 75-80%. I am not sure what you guys have done differently but whatever it is, keep up the good work!

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