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The Ultimate List of The Top 50 College Football Stars 2023

Top 50 College Football Stars 2023

Everybody yearns to claim the title of being the ultimate in something, anything. It could be acing the art of grilling in your backyard, outshining your pals when belting out Taylor Swift anthems during those late-night karaoke sessions, or emerging as the reigning champion on the college football field. For those of us immersed in the realm of college sports coverage, our aspiration remains crystal clear: we’re driven to excel in identifying those exceptional players who stand above the rest.

With this steadfast ambition guiding us, the crew over here in the college sports wing of once again invested a substantial chunk of our summer days into intense discussions, heated debates, casting votes, and, in this era of ever-evolving artificial intelligence, even seeking insights from algorithms. And let it be known, none of these deliberations took place while simultaneously manning a grill and crooning Taylor Swift hits at the ungodly hour of 2 a.m.

Now, as the upcoming season swiftly approaches, akin to Washington’s Bralen Trice hotly pursuing Caleb Williams, the verdict rests in your hands. It’s up to you to determine whether our prowess in distinguishing the genuinely exceptional from the merely outstanding is unparalleled or lacking. According to ESPN, below is the list of the  top 50 College Football Stars 2023, the final judgment is yours

Top 50 College Football Stars 2023

Here is the list of the names of 50 college football stars to watch in 2023-2024 college football season:

  1. Caleb Williams
  2. Maye Bowers
  3. Quinn Ewers
  4. Malachi Nelson
  5. Travis Hunter
  6. Lebbeus Overton
  7. Arch Manning
  8. Rueben Owens II
  9. David Hicks
  10. Jaiden Ausberry
  11. Anthony Hill Jr.
  12. Kadyn Proctor
  13. Peter Woods
  14. Matayo Uiagalelei
  15. Richard Young
  16. Treyaun Webb
  17. Jayden Wayne
  18. Jalen Hale
  19. Brandon Inniss
  20. Justice Finkley
  21. Derrick Leblanc
  22. Gabriel Brownlow-Dindy
  23. Daughtry Richardson
  24. Luke Montgomery
  25. Francis Mauigoa
  26. Kamari Wilson
  27. Tony Mitchell
  28. AJ Harris
  29. Makai Lemon
  30. DeAndre Moore Jr.
  31. Carnell Tate
  32. Jaden Mangham
  33. Jaylen Sneed
  34. Malik Bryant
  35. Joshua White
  36. Shemar Stewart
  37. Domanick Moon Jr.
  38. Tetairoa McMillan
  39. Joenel Aguero
  40. Dante Moore
  41. Sam Horn
  42. Eli Holstein IV
  43. MJ Morris Jr.
  44. Nico Iamaleava Jr.
  45. Cade Klubnik Jr.
  46. Ty Simpson Jr.
  47. Walker Howard Jr.
  48. Maalik Murphy Jr.
  49. Conner Weigman Jr.
  50. Gavin Wimsatt Jr.


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